Flashback! FWPH: Christmas Special

Due to scheduling issues and Brian being a few weeks out from finishing his degree, we proudly present another flashback to our old podcast, The First World Privilege Hour with friend of the show Pat Medaugh! This episode is a Christmas spooktacular as we cover the Star Wars Holiday Special and Thomas Kincaid’s Christmas Cottage. We’ll be back in two weeks our return to the Civil War.

Flashback! FWPH #14: Water Births Are for Monsters

Everyone is sick! Instead of recording an episode that would be 85% sniffling, we decided to post a classic episode of Zach and Brian’s old podcast, The First World Privilege Hour! Featuring friend of the show (and friend) Pat Medaugh, the gang talk about Gremlins for Christmas and play a rousing game of trivia. Please note, we were 22 when we recorded this, and were much stupider people. We’ll be back to the Civil War next time. For now, enjoy!