Episode 86: Sojourner Truth

We’re back, and we brought the hilarious Miriam Moreno with us to discuss actual hero Sojourner Truth! This episode was recorded late last night so it has minimal editing. Zach mistimes a laugh in a big way, Miriam is the first to go Borat but not the last, and Brian is awash in disease!

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Episode 82: Amelia Earhart

The hilarious Lizzy Wolfson joins us as we talk about the one and only Amelia Earhart (who did more than one thing, ya jerks)! Zach updates the running tally of serial killers, Lizzy advocates for safe microphone sharing, and Brian does Elton John. Big thanks to Mutiny Information Café for letting us record there on short notice!

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Episode 75: Julie d'Aubigny

The wonderful Olivia Schyling joins us to help talk about swashbuckling opera star Julie d’Aubigny! Meanwhile, Zach shows how far he’d be willing to go with LBJ, Olivia tells us about medieval air fresheners, and Brian unveils a brutal new breakfast cereal.

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Episode 66: Jeanette Rankin

The terrific Christie Buchele returns to help us discuss the remarkable Jeannette Rankin! Meanwhile, Zach shares his drinking problem with Brian, Christie isn’t here for any nerd crap, and Brian definitely just saw Avengers.

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