Episode 86: Sojourner Truth

We’re back, and we brought the hilarious Miriam Moreno with us to discuss actual hero Sojourner Truth! This episode was recorded late last night so it has minimal editing. Zach mistimes a laugh in a big way, Miriam is the first to go Borat but not the last, and Brian is awash in disease!

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Episode 68: Bertrand Russell

Join us as the wonderful Natalia Kvalem drops in to help us discuss the brilliant mind (and solid body) of Bertrand Russell! Meanwhile, Zach offers a few kind words to math, Natalia traces the heritage of the modern bong, and Brian tries to pull us back from the brink of British accents.

*Due to some software issues, Brian’s mic fluctuates a lot in this episode. My apologies, we’re working on fixing it.—Brian*

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