Episode 28: Queen Lili'uokalani

The delightful scamp Jacob Rupp is our guest as we discuss the unassailable Queen Lili'uokalani of Hawai'i! Jacob pulls out his twitter and you won't believe what happens next, Zach breaks out his emergency stash of hot takes, and Brian gives us the secrets to terrifying banana bread.

As we talk about before on the show, we draw a lot of our guests and our energy from Denver comedy. The community recently lost one of our most beloved members, Jordan Wieleba. As promised in the intro, here are the links to make donations on her behalf, or on behalf of anyone you know and love in the LGBTQ community. Thanks from Zach and Brian.
National Jewish Health Center's Fund to Cure Asthma
One Colorado
Trans-Youth Education & Support of Colorado

Also, download her album here.