Episode 45: Henry Morton Stanley

The hilarious Jason Keyes is our guest as we discuss Henry Morton Stanley, who does to us what Stalin couldn't! Zach gives us his view of our webcam, Jason gives us a glimpse of the future, and Brian front loads the fun stuff before unpacking the horror.

*Apologies for the audio quality, Jason and Brian are somewhat quiet. Dealing with software issues.

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Episode 43: Genghis Khan

The hilarious Christie Buchele returns to the show as we discuss Genghis Khan! In this episode, Zach gives us a backdoor glimpse of his writing process, Christie drops her celebrity for the hot young Khan, and Brian tries out a new slogan for war crimes.

*Apologies for the uneven audio quality of this episode. My software was acting up and I didn't catch it until it was too late. -Brian*

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Episode 42: Abram Gannibal

Denver favorite Timmi Lasley makes her return to the show to help us uncover the life of the Afro-Russian genius, Abram Gannibal! Zach finds his new pseudonym, Timmi remixes some classic tracks, and Brian tries to keep things from getting too problematic. (Extra long due to lack of time to edit!)

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Episode 40: Joseph Stalin

The fabulous Mitch Jones is our guest as we dig into the story of Joseph Stalin! Also, we make the most cartoon noises ever. Zach brings back a classic pun, Mitch takes us on a breakneck tour of his DVD collection, and Brian makes segues between jokes and horror so subtle and natural you will barely notice them.

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Episode 37: Catherine the Great

Denver darling Kevin O’Brien joins us as we take a look at Catherine the Great. Zach does his best sales pitch for Smirnoff, Kevin throws some Kennedy history in there, and Brian pays a visit to the shtetl.

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Episode 36: Sofia Alekseyevna

The amazing Rachel Weeks stops by to talk about the fierce af Sofia Alekseyevna! Zach puts a positive spin on prison, Rachel writes some Russian epitaphs, and Brian shares the ramblings of a fevered mind.

Also, we in the Denver comedy community lost our wonderful friend Heather Snow recently. She was always hilarious, brilliant, and supportive and we will all miss her. If you are so inclined, we ask you to please send a donation to the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: https://www.lls.org/rocky-mountain

Episode 33: Ida B. Wells & The White Rose

We’re thrilled to be joined once again by Janae Burris and Christie Buchele for another special episode! Janae and Christie are here to talk about Ida B. Wells and the White Rose, and we still try to deal with the election of President Putin’s puffier cousin. In this episode, Zach calls Gollum on his horseshit, Janae practices her new closer, Christie asserts her place on the list of very important people, and Brian abandons all hope of segues. As serious as this episode gets, one of the best tangents ever in the show happens in this episode, so check it out!

Episode 32: Election 2016 with President Babadook

Two of the most brilliant comics in Denver, Christie Buchele and Janae Burris join us for what was supposed to be a totally normal episode. Instead, we have an emotional, free flowing, occasionally hilarious conversation about the impact of the 2016 election. Minimal editing has been done on the audio, Zach and I (Brian) share a mic, and it was one of the most cathartic experiences I've had. Christie and Janae stick around to record a more traditional episode, out in two weeks. But if you need some release, or to feel connected to someone, this episode is for you.